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One story, one philosophy


“A connoisseur does not drink wine but tastes its secrets”

Salvador Dali –

It all started in 1925 when the grandfather of Valérie Bugada-Jean expressed an interest in the terroir of the smallest village in the Médoc. He purchased his first plots of land in Couquèques and soon discovered their outstanding potential. This lover of vines and wine passed on his expertise to his sons, Christian and Claude, who, many years later, also handed on this knowledge to his son-in-law, Eric Bugada.

Eric Bugada

After completing his degree in civil engineering, Eric, who had always been fond of magnificent architecture and fine wine, took up the offer to join his family-in-law’s estate. His critical eye and pursuit of perfection complement his thirst for knowledge and never-ending quest for innovation.

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2015 marked the beginning of a new chapter when Eric’s wife, Valérie, left her career in tourism and communication to work at the estate. Their combined energies are shaping the destiny of Château Beauvillage.

Their shared ambition: to produce elegant, delicious, immensely pleasurable wines!

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Three generations of dedicated winegrowers have helped create fine-tuned wines, which have earned a place in the Médoc Crus Bourgeois classification.
Joining the family of Médoc Crus Bourgeois requires adhering to stringent quality control standards, approved by the French authorities since 2009. Château Beauvillage obtained this recognition in 2015, thus guaranteeing that our high-quality wines meet a set of demanding specifications, as well as being approved by a panel of experts in a blind tasting.

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High Environmental Value: the highest level of environmental certification

As we are aware of the importance of protecting the environment, we have been committed to making eco-friendly wines since 2015.

On the 1st of October 2019, Château Beauvillage obtained level-3 High Environmental Value certification under the Grenelle act II.

“High Environmental Value” certification calls for results-based requirements measured by environmental performance indicators

It is based on 7 pillars that help protect the environment and manage health risks:

• FERTILISERS: reduce pollution from livestock manure and fertilisers
• BIOSECURITY: ensure that health risks are limited
• PLANT PROTECTION PRODUCTS: reduce pollution from plant protection products
• PLANT WASTE reduce pollution from processing plant matter
• BIODIVERSITY: maintain and develop biodiversity
• ENERGY: save energy and use renewable energy
• WATER: use water resources sustainably

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